Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sunnyvale Joint Use of Public School Libraries- Part 1

The suggestion of the sale of part of the Civic Center (where the public library and city hall are) was a source of dismay so Deborah Marks and I worked to present alternatives.

One of the alternatives we have suggested is the sharing ("joint use") of public school libraries with the Sunnyvale City Library.  Costs would be shared so the schools would have lower costs and the libraries would get much more use by the public (mostly kids).  Here is a presentation before the Sunnyvale City Council on March 5th, 2013 on some of the aspects of joint use of public school libraries with the city library (slight pause before I start talking - sorry).  It is also available on YouTube at:
(Slides used are shown below)

Links to references to the proposal to sale/lease the civic center and related issues are collected here:

Slide 1 continued an argument that the amount of money involved is roughly that of the entire city budget and should not be taken with a simple city council vote.  The voters of the city should decide such a momentous issue.  Since only 50%+1 need to approve a non-tax issue, propositiopn 13 doesn't come into it.  The $100M library bond proposal that got 59% of the vote was only for a library, not selling off major parts of the civic center.
Slide 2 was excerpted from the city document showing the proposed sale of various parts of the Civic Center showing what would be sold and retained.

Slide two showed the area within 2 miles of the current library (red) and two proposed libraries.  The existing library would be demolished.
Slide 4 showed the proposal for joint use libraries with a smaller radius of "use area" since the thought is that it would be more for kids than adults who would be more likely to walk to the library.