Thursday, April 23, 2015

Libraries - Better Libraries with Better Planning

This summarizes my many published posts on Sunnyvale and California libraries and other public buildings.  We could expand for much less than the cost of a new one, we could build branch libraries with small expenditures, we could get public bond money for additions by properly informing voters of what they will be getting for their money.
  • We can expand our existing library (as others have done) for much less than the cost of building a new one.  So we don't have to tear down the existing one. In: I looked at a library originally identical in size to Sunnyvale's current library (60K square feet) which doubled in size for only $23M.  Picture below: 

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  • Costs of library expansion and construction around California were examined here .  What it shows is that no library construction in California came close to the cost/sq.ft. of proposed 2007 library expansion.  The average "total project cost" in CA in 2007 for new library construction was $495/sq.ft. - considerably less than the roughly $1,000/sq. ft. proposed in the 2007 bond issue.  One example is the 2012 Los Gatos library built for $424/sq.ft. ($12.8M for 30K sq. ft.) seen below.
    Click to enlarge - Los Gatos 30K sq.ft. library built for $12.8M in 2012

In I showed that Sunnyvale is average to above average in library space compared to comparably sized cities.  I also showed how to increase library space through low cost branch libraries and expanding existing libraries.  Here's a photo of Pasadena's (pop. 139K) Library.  Pasadena is about the size of Sunnyvale (pop. 145K):
Pasadena's Library Expanded over the years to 130K sq. ft.

Torrance CA (pop 146K) is also about the size of Sunnyvale (145K).  They greatly expanded library space per person by building low cost branch libraries.
Here's a photo of a Torrance branch library.