Dear (Name),

Thank you for your email and your interest in this topic. On July 31,
2012, City Council conducted a joint study with the City's Board of
Library Trustees. One of the agenda items was the future of the Civic
Center Campus (including the main library, City Hall, and the Public
Safety Administration building among others).

At the end of the joint session, Council directed staff to further
explore the concept of redeveloping the existing Civic Center Campus
buildings via a public/private partnership model, with the main
library relocated to the Community Center campus. Contrary to some
unofficial reports, there has been no decision by the City Council to
lease or sell any of the Civic Center grounds, nor are there any
approved plans to that effect.

Council's latest direction simply allows staff to further explore the
concept of a public-private partnership (which doesn't necessarily
mean selling any of the City's property), so that Council more fully
understands its options relative to addressing the needs of the Civic
Center's deteriorating facilities.

The best way to stay informed regarding this topic would be to check
the City's home web page and click on the
link "Future Library and Civic Center Facility Options" under the
heading "HOT TOPICS". Should you wish to discuss related matters,
please contact the City's Assistant City Manager, Robert Walker at or 730-7458.